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WINNERS of the 19th TT
Transformation Contest

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WINNERS of the 16th TT
Transformation Contest

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Congratulations To
Nicole 1st Place Winner
Women Under 40
$1,000 Cash & 3-Year Platinum Membership

Nicole Shattered Her Goals By Losing 19.4 Pounds And A Whopping 17.2 Inches From Her Body

Congratulations To Brita
2nd Place Winner - $500 Cash &
2-Year Platinum Membership

Brita Stopped Working Out Twice A Day And Lost 17 Pounds And 4 Inches From Her Waist

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Congratulations To Erika
3rd Place - $250 Cash &
1-Year Platinum Membership

Erika Lost 14 Pounds And 4 Inches With The Help Of Bodyweight Workouts

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Congratulations To
Leo 1st Place Winner
Men Under 40
$1,000 Cash & 3-Year Platinum Membership

Leo Gained 6 Pounds Of Muscle While Lowering His Bodyfat 6%

Congratulations To Demond
2nd Place - $500 Cash &
2-Year Platinum Membership
Demond Went To The Gym Less And Still Lost Weight And Got Ripped

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We Have a TIE for 1st Place in Women Over 40!
Congratulations To Brenda
1st Place Winner - $1000 Cash &
3-Year Platinum Membership

Losing 7 Pounds of Fat Brenda Overcome Obstacles Such As Unhealthy Eating Habits

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Congratulations To Melinda
1st Place Winner - $1000 Cash &
3-Year Platinum Membership

Melinda Lost 25 Pounds of Fat, Feeling Like Herself Again

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Congratulations To Sandra
3rd Place Winner - $250 Cash &
1-Year Platinum Membership

Sandra Lost 3 Inches off Her Waistline Training With TTCT Catherine Gordon

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Congratulations To
Mark 1st Place Winner
Men Over 40
$1,000 Cash & 3-Year Platinum Membership

Mark's Socks Are The Only Clothing That Fit After Losing 16.8 Pounds Of Fat

Congratulations To Waleed
2nd Place Winner - $500 Cash &
2-Year Platinum Membership

Waleed Lost 15.4 Pounds, Two Inches Around His Waist, And Has Way More Energy

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