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From Great Body to Amazing Body

"I had spent thousands of dollars on a personal trainer (which I am still paying off to this day), tried numerous fad diets, and was spending 45 minutes to an hour every morning on an elliptical machine thinking it would
burn body fat and give me the fit look I wanted. None of it offered me a solution. I only ended up worn out, in debt, frustrated, and above all confused.

When I discovered Turbulence Training on the web and realized it only involved doing three workouts a week with weight training and about 20 minutes of cardio it sounded like a dream.

After 12 weeks of Turbulence Training, I lost 9 pounds and decreased my body fat from 23.7% to 19%, and lost over 2 inches from my waist and almost 2 inches from my hips. Thanks Craig!"
Laura Meyers

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He Lost 20 Pounds of Fat and is Down to 10% Body Fat...Even Though He Only Exercises Three Times Per Week for 45 Minutes

"Thanks to Turbulence Training and Dr. Mohr's nutrition plan, I have finally been able to find a program that fit my lifestyle and allowed me to push my body fat below my comfort zone.

In the past, I was using the popular exercise plans (I thought they were the only ones that worked) which were probably designed for steroid users. These 5-6 day, 45 minute to one hour workouts usually just led me to overtraining, missing a session and eventually just quitting and looking for a new

Nutritionally, I thought to get to low body fat levels I had to go ultra low carb and use all sorts of expensive supplements. This also was impossible for me to do.

With Turbulence Training, I found workouts that took only 30 – 45 minutes every other day, including cardio and with NO SUPPLEMENTS REQUIRED! “Impossible” I thought, but here I am twelve weeks later down almost 20 lbs and close to 10% body fat."
Mark Russo

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Juan Ruiz Lost 86 Pounds in Less Than 7 Months With Turbulence Training, Including 25 Pounds in the Last 12 Weeks

"In August of 2007 I weighed in at 315lbs; the most I have ever weighed. I have tried many diets and exercise plans and nothing has really worked well for me. I was at the end of my rope, and really starting to look into bariatric surgery.

I couldn't tell you how many hours I have wasted doing just cardio and staying away from weights just to watch my body stay the exact same.

I started TT in August, since then I have lost a total of 86lbs I have never looked better in my life, I have never felt better in my life.

I have lost 3 inches from my chest, 4 inches from my gut, 3 inches from my
waist, and 25lbs in the last 12 weeks."
Juan Ruiz , Lansing, Michigan

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