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Heidi Lost 20 Pounds and 8.5 Inches of Her Waist





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Before joining the TT contest, my life had gotten hectic, as any busy mom's life can. I had gotten sporadic with my workouts, especially since I had been having burning, searing pain in my right foot for many months, which prevented me from running (and sometimes, even from walking). I had also gained some weight, as I was still eating for my active life.

Since I could not run or put any consistent pressure on my right foot, I went to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in runners and worked with a physical therapist for almost nine months. During that time, I modified my activities and did my physical therapy almost daily. I started swimming a couple times a week and occasionally riding my bike. My weight slowly, but steadily increased. After nine months, the doctor and physical therapist decided that I had improved as much as possible and their next recommendation was to get injections in my back for the foot pain.

I decided to wait a while and see if there was some other solution.

I remembered that I had purchased the Home Workout Revolution program a few years ago and decided that I should look at it again. I started with the Beginner programs and was able to do most of the exercises (some with slight modifications). I love that the workouts were quick and yet challenging. I saw steady progress in how I felt getting through the workouts. The videos were easy to follow. I was able to put some of the them on my iPhone and have them with me, even when I traveled.

Due to my injury/foot pain, I did decide to work with a personal trainer, in addition to doing the Home Workout Revolution workouts. I have a daily workout plan which includes stretching and foam rolling.

For my meal plan, I changed from a pretty healthy, gluten-free, 3 meals a day and a snack (or two), to following a keto diet (to reduce inflammation in my body) with intermittent fasting. I have occasional cheat meals and even cheat days! After the first few days, it has been a fairly easy transition. Even on a cruise, I was able to stick with my diet and exercise plan, with one awesome and planned cheat day.

I was amazed at my transformation in 12 weeks! I have never lost this much weight in such a short time and felt great while I was doing it. Even though my weight loss had slowed in the last couple of weeks, my body fat percentage has continued to decrease. I'm able to wear clothes that I haven't worn since before my 6 year old was born. I have more energy and much less pain in my foot! I have recently begun to run again and just ran a 5K with my daughter. My whole body feels stronger than ever!

- Heidi


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