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Luis Lost 14 Pounds In 12 Weeks





179 lbs.

165 lbs.


40.5 inches

36.5 inches

I’ve finally decided not to be embarrassed with my body anymore and to transform it so I can feel good and confident about myself. It was time to turn the page and change things around! I didn’t want to turn 39 years and continue feeling like I’ve been feeling the rest of my entire life, ashamed of my body!

The most difficult part for me was the proper nutrition because I tend to have a sweet tooth and to compensate my emotional imbalances with food but I realized that I cant allow the exterior surrounding have that effect on me. Nutrition was without any doubt the key for my transformation and I am so proud of myself for eating so clean and healthy for the past 12 weeks. Healthy eating has become a solid habit as well as intermittent fasting (with a 6 hour feeding window) in the non-working out days.

I followed the 12 week program of the Home Workout Revolution from Craig Ballantyne, did every optional exercise and I never missed a workout! I used to go to the gym but I never had the results I got now. I really feel that I’m finally training the smart and time saving way, have a strong core, getting results, feeling stronger then before and that I’m in shape.

Consistency in nutrition and exercise is really the key for what I’ve achieved and now that I know the secret I wont stop here! ; :)


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