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Brittany Loses 12 Pounds Making Fitness Apart Of Her Life





180.2 lbs.

168.5 lbs.


34.75 inches

31.75 inches

Hi, my name is Brittany. I started my weight loss journey about 18 months ago. I knew after battling thyroid cancer I had to get my health in check or that was just going to be the beginning health issues to come. I have watched members of my family battle obesity, heart disease, diabetes. Honestly, the list could go on and on. I knew that I did not want to travel that path. I had attempted several different types of workout programs but easily got discouraged when I didn't see the results I was looking for. I had no accountability to continue exercise and didn't change my nutrition.

In October 2014 I walked into Sheboygan Fit Body BootCamp not realizing the impact it would forever have on my life. Since that day, I have gone from being morbidly obese to being a healthy weight and finally being in the normal body fat zone. My kids don't have to worry about me not being able to keep up with them, my husband and I can enjoy more activities together, and I found new passions I never dreamed of. In 2015, I completed several 5k races and participated in Mudderella and Tough Mudder. If you would have asked me a year prior to run over 11 miles and complete 15 plus obstacles I would have laughed and thought not me. Now I am eager to participate in Tough Mudder and Sparta. Races. I can't get enough. I also placed in my first TT challenge.

Throughout my journey I have gained a true passion to help others. I started interning at Sheboygan Fit Body BootCamp and got certified as a TT Trainer. I am currently working towards a personal training certification as well. I love being able to relate to others and help them along in their journey. I am an open book about my journey. The ups and the downs. The good days and the bad. The struggles with trying to get your kids and family in board with the nutritional changes.

I love sharing recipe and meal prep ideas. I love that the more people see my persistence the more interested they are about leading a healthier life themselves.

During this 12 week challenge I tried to stay committed. I knew I had room to improve as far as nutrition went. I also loved creating little challenges for myself at the gym. Whether it was jumping up to the pull up bars, sticking to the hardest variation of exercise, or just going in a little early to put in extra work. Overall I lost 11.7 pound, 1.4 percent body fat, and and overall 11.75.

I am so thankful for the fit family I have gained at Sheboygan Fit Body BootCamp and the TT family. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle but I know that it is worth it.


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