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Soma Overcomes a Terrible Back Injury and Drops 20lbs and 7 Inches





196 lbs.

176 lbs.


40 inches

33 inches

I successfully lost a lot of weight with the help of the Turbulence Training last year. Unfortunately after I got back into shape I injured my lower back in an accident which made me unable to train for more than 3 months! These 3 months were one of the hardest parts of my life, I got demotivated, I was eating junk food all the time and lost all my gains I got before with this awesome workout designed by Craig. My belly was growing huge and I panicked, my only hope was this special training program that I was not able to do during my injury.

After I recovered I jumped back immediately to this training method and there was no disappointment. All my motivation came back when I started my first exciting workout session again after a long break. I was improving unbelievably fast and I could easily surpass my former achievements. Luckily this Turbulence method can always set new challenges for me so it never gets boring and is always fun to do. Completing these challenges my body adapted and reacted to them very well, I was losing weight, getting stronger and more muscular at the same time. My fat stores were depleting while my smile was growing as I was very happy that I was reaching a completely new level. After the long break and away from the training I felt like I was just reborn.

Now I am on the best way to achieve on of my biggest desires of my life: to make my bodyfat a 1 digit number! In my training I am beating all my personal records as I am lighter with 20 pounds and I can practice my favorite bodyweight exercises easily.

General benefits of losing weight includes being in a much better mood all the time as I realized I can exceed my limits. It also gives me confidence and I can step out of my comfort zone in many real life situations not just at the gym. As I get happier, more and more satisfied in my life the more motivation I have for training. Then the cycle starts again, I love this positive feedback mechanism: better shape-better life!

Thanks for your help Craig, you just saved me! I feel there are no more obstacles between me and my goals! Brilliant work!



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