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Busy Entrepreneur Bence Sheds 10lbs with Quick and Effective TT Workouts





180 lbs.

170 lbs.


33.5 inches

31 inches

My name is Bence, I'm 20 years old.

I've loved sports since I was born. I did football when I was a kid, but then I started something more manly which was kick-boxing. I really loved it, it has formed my mental and physical health in a good way. I competed in smaller and bigger fights until my knee tendon teared during snowboarding. After a 1 year full recovery I started going to the gym mainly because my brother became a professional personal coach and he gave me a lot of help. I started having results but I always aimed for more.

I started working 2,5 years ago, I had my own company and I worked as a truck driver at the age of 19 and that was the time when working out became really hard because of the lack of time.

Now I run a trendy Wine Bar in the center of Hungary's second biggest city, Debrecen, and finding time for workouts is really hard for me. I try to eat clean too, but I work from morning sometimes until 3-4 am, I always try to grab the right foods, but it is just as hard as finding time for gym.

I know, everyone can find excuses, so that's why I wanted to compete in the challenge , so it gave me a big motivation to manage my time better and always find time for what matters.

My brother, David told me about the challenge, and as I mentioned above, he also gave advices, meal and introduced me to Turbulence Training workout plans.

I really liked the fast-paced nature of the trainings and the fact that I can fit them anywhere in my schedule. We did Fat Loss Quickies, 24/7 Fat Loss and TT for Meatheads in combination throughout the 3 months.

I'm sure I won't ever stop training, and I will always find some time to do at least 2 workouts a week, so I can keep my body in a good form, but being shredded with like 8% bodyfat is my main goal, so I could be proud of my aesthetics !


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