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Just what Caused This Mess was the headline of the paper I picked up the day I had my before photos taken for this transformation challenge. Ironic isn't it? Because I was a complete mess and I needed to figure out what caused it and how to fix it!

I had to look honestly at my thought processes and actions that kept leading me down a darker and darker place. I was eating McFlurries, pancakes and cookies on a regular basis. Ice cream and excuses why not to exercise were a daily ritual.

I was in a dark place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My body was changing before my very eyes and I felt as though I had lost any and all control over doing anything about it.

A single mother of two teenage boys, my hope has always been to stay healthy and be able to keep up with the active lifestyle that this entails. Being discouraged, depressed and out of shape is not the role model I wanted to set for my children and yet this was my reality.

I had been healthy once upon a time in my life, but it came at the cost of spending countless hours at the gym taking classes and going through monotonous routines. This discouraged me greatly from taking up that cross once again. So I meandered along and came to a place where I would arrive at the gym, feeling fatigued by the end of a random and loosely pieced together warm up, and lose all motivation at the idea of spending the next hour there on the treadmill or elliptical.

I had become too out of shape and too self-conscious to take any classes and consequently my results reflected this attitude and half hearted attempts.

The workouts I used were with a Certified Turbulence Trainer. She was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and helped keep me inspired, especially in those early workout sessions when my energy and endurance were slim to none.

We used a variety of Turbulence Training workouts including MRT 3.0, TT 2K13, TT Guru 40 minute fat loss, and Clash of the Titans V. I immediately felt rejuvenated by these workouts and enjoyed every one of them (usually when they came to an end).

They were fast paced, challenging and fun. I began to notice my confidence coming back and my self-esteem increasing because I was taking action. It was very empowering. I even worked out with many of the free workouts delivered to my email while I was away on vacation during this contest. I was on a role and nothing was going to stop me. I found these at home workouts to be extremely helpful on those days and any other days that I was not training with the turbulence trainer.

I embarked upon this body transformation challenge with the motivation of feeling better with less time at the gym and a level of intensity that would prove to get me the results I was looking for in a short time period.

Let's face it, the monetary compensation was enticing as well, but the biggest change I was looking for was an increase in energy and a confidence and mood. This has definitely been an amazing change I have noticed after using TT workouts, but one of the biggest changes I have discovered has been my increase in strength and overall level of endurance. I amaze myself at how beast I am after only 12 weeks of using TT workouts.

My life has changed after TT in many ways but the interest it has peaked in my boys to become more in shape both physically and nutritionally has been a change I am grateful for. It's like icing on the cake (not that I am eating that kind of stuff anymore). I have finally become a healthier role model which is a benefit I never even imagined would have materialized by participating in this challenge.

Joining this TT challenge has helped me and my boys in choosing healthier meals and snacks and has educated all of us on physical fitness as a lifestyle and not simply a designated destination that we arrive to. Now nothing tastes as good as fit feels! Turbulence Training fixed this mess. Thank you!

- Anja


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